Licensed Real Estate Broker

MBD Properties is a boutique Broker with all exclusive listings in the East Village. We specialize in very good, fairly priced apartments in clean, well-maintained buildings and landlords who care about their tenants. 

Here are some of the most common questions people ask us during our first consultation.

Where are your apartments? Almost all of our buildings are located in the East Village area, with one building in Gramercy and one in Kips Bay.  We also work with a few landlords with buildings on the Upper East and Upper West Side. 

How do I find out about upcoming apartments? When one of us speaks to you via phone or email for the first time, we'll get to know a little about you and get as many details as possible about your search. We then compile a list of all of your search criteria so that as soon as an apartment comes up that matches your criteria, we will give you a call! Keep in mind that we almost always have a list of people waiting for apartments, so it's best to give us a call early to make sure you're at the top of the list when the time comes!

What are the price ranges for your apartments?  Prices can vary depending on the market, size and condition of the apartment. However, the general parameters are as follows: Our studios usually range from about $1850- $2200; our junior one bedrooms usually range from about $2200- $2400; our true one bedrooms start around $2500 and based on size, can go up to about $3400; and our two bedrooms usually range from about $3000- $3500

If I submit a deposit on an apartment, is it refundable if I am not accepted by the landlord? Of course! If you and the landlord cannot agree on terms, or if you are not accepted for any reason, your deposit is immediately refundable. If you are accepted, your deposit will be deducted from the broker's commission. 

How long does the approval process take once I submit an application? Once we have received all of your paperwork, a filled out application and a deposit, we take the apartment off the market.  See our Application Process page for more details on applying for an apartment with us. We are generally able to get an approval within 24 hours or less and can usually schedule a lease signing within 48 hours! 

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